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Letisko Poprad-Tatry, a. s. implemented the following projects from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the Operational Programme Basic Infrastructure, Measure 1.3 Modernisation and development of air traffic infrastructures:

Year 2008

Reconstruction of the approach lighting system of runway 27
The project “Reconstruction of the approach lighting system of runway 27“ was implemented to meet the requirements of L14 regulation and helped maintaining the airport´s operation during night hours and under reduced visibility conditions.

Extension of the arrival terminal of the Poprad-Tatry Airport
Thanks to the new arrival terminal, the airport increased the capacity of passenger handling, since the original terminal was insufficient and met the Schengen requirements with reservations.

Both projects which were highly demanding in terms of investments were implemented thanks to the non-returnable financial contribution from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the total amount of SKK 26,249,741 (EUR 871,331.77). Of this amount, SKK 7,499,741 (EUR 248,945.79) was spent on the reconstruction of the approach system, and SKK 18,750,000 (EUR 622,385.98) on the extension of the arrival terminal.

Years 2007 and 2006

Modernisation of the security system of the Poprad-Tatry airport – airport fencing and lighting of the handling area
The airport fencing separates the airport operation areas from public spaces, thus complying with the requirements of European standards regarding protection against the entry of unauthorised persons into the airside and the ICAO requirements. The handling area lighting ensures safe movement of persons within the area in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Development and upgrade of the Poprad Airport security system
We meet the safety standards on safe control of hand luggage and registered luggage of passengers and boarding persons and on the prevention of prohibited articles carried on board.

SKK 11,783 739 (EUR 391,148.05) from ERDF funds was spent on the fencing and lighting, and SKK 8,646,375.22 (EUR 287,007.08) was used to purchase new security detection devices.

European Social Fund
In 2008, 35 employees of our company attended training activities organised with the financial contribution in the total amount of SKK 211,886.99 (EUR 7,033.36) from the European Social Fund (ESF) and from the state budget.

Letisko Poprad-Tatry, a. s. organised the training and preparation for the labour market under the National Project XI – “Theoretical and practical preparation of the workforce for acquiring knew knowledge and professional skills” in the following areas:
1. Emergency Training Stress rescue – Human factor
2. Change management and personal development
3. Modern methods of financial analysis

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