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Passenger check-in usually starts 2 hours prior to planned departure and closes 40 minutes (international flights) or 30 minutes (national flights) prior to the scheduled departure time. The time before departure must be strictly complied with, since the check-in procedure comprises, besides the passenger and luggage handling, also security control, as well as passport control for non-Schengen flights. The scheduled departure is indicated in the airport flight schedule or in the flight schedule of the respective airline. You can learn about the details of specific flights by reading the respective airline carriage terms and conditions.

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When travelling for holiday using a charter flight, please, follow the instructions of your travel agency.

• Standard check-in
The check-in counters are located in the Departure Hall. To check in, you need to bring your ticket (paper ticket or e-ticket), a voucher, your booking code and a valid passport. After handing in your luggage at the check-in counter you will receive your boarding pass and the luggage registration voucher. You can then proceed to the security check.

• On-line check-in
Most airlines offer the possibility of online check-in from comfort of your home. The conditions and the time of on-line check-in are established by each airline separately.

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Use the airport check-in counter only in case you wish to hand in registered luggage (i.e. luggage to be placed in the luggage compartment of the plane). If you do not have any registered luggage, please, proceed directly to security check and then to the departure gate.
Important notice: Please, bring along with you your valid passport and the boarding pass that you have printed at home.
Before proceeding to the security check, your passport, boarding pass and hand luggage will be checked in accordance with the rules of your carrier.

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Handicapped Passengers
Handicapped passengers are entitled to free assistant services when going through the airport. At the airport there is the barrier free access and in case of need a wheelchair for handicapped persons.

Please, inform your carrier about the request for disabled person assistance 48 hours prior the planned departure at the latest.

Please, inform the airport employees 24 hours prior the planned departure on the following phone numbers:
+421 52 776 3875 or +421 52 4311 430

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Hand luggage
Hand luggage must meet the requirements for maximum dimensions specified by the carrier so that it can be placed in the cabin luggage compartment of the aircraft above the seat or, in some cases, below the seat.

Registered luggage
Registered luggage is not carried by the passenger during the flight, but it is transported separately in the luggage compartment of the aircraft. The passenger is required to hand in the registered luggage at the check-in counter.

Handling of handicapped persons
Being a disabled person you are entitled to free assistance upon entering and exiting the aircraft, during the flight, and at the airport before departure and after arrival.

In order to ensure smooth provision of assistance, please, contact the airport, the airline, the ticket seller or the travel agency at least 48 hours prior to departure and inform them about the type of assistance you need.

During the flight, airlines are not obliged to assist with eating or taking a medicine. Should you need such assistance, for example, during long flights, the airline can request the presence of another person.

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